5 Ways Living Abroad Has Changed Our Lives

Year TWO in Chile has come and gone. Though occasionally there were days and even months that seemed to last indefinitely, generally speaking this past year has flown.

Like pages of a cartoon flipbook, work, kids, school, activities, day-to-day humdrum, and exploration fluttered past. Becoming established and comfortable has given way to the life of a typical, busy family of 5. Just in a different part of the world.

A life that has finally become a bit softer, a bit more breezy, like the cotton that is symbolic of the two year anniversary.

However, a recognition of having made it two years is not the most resounding part of the milestone. Though trust me, it’s right up there at number 2!

No, I believe milestones pop up to remind us of the miles we have already weathered. We are about to embark on mile three, but how will we proceed from here knowing what we know about the first two? What has caused pain? How will we address that? What has made us stronger? How will we use that?

How have we changed in these two years?

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A FAVORITE – Isla de Chiloe

With Dieciocho comes a long weekend for Tom and the kids, which in turn meant that we had another opportunity to explore a new part of our beautiful new home.

While tossing around several ideas, we found that we kept returning to Isla de Chiloe-a relatively large island situated in the Pacific only about 3 1/2 hours south of us.  An easy trip and a beautiful place, so we had heard from the few that we know have visited.

The plan was to leave bright and early Thursday morning and stay through Sunday – a perfect amount of time to explore the entire island (or so we thought!).

Mother Nature’s Surprise

But Chile is, well….Chile….a place where the Earth doesn’t seem to want to relax.  While we were finalizing our packing the night before our departure, a screeching emergency alarm began blaring from both of our cell phones – along with a written warning of Tsunami and an evacuation alert.

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