Back from a telling Hiatus…

You can have more than one home. You can carry your roots with you, and decide where they grow. Henning Mankell

At last we meet again, dear Blog.

I am horror-stricken to see that my last entry was in September, almost 6 months ago.  Especially when there has been SO much going on…SO many wonderful memories!

Admittedly, I know that it has been because of all of this “SO much” that I have not been as dedicated.  Our life has officially finished its slow descent up the roller coaster, and has flown off of the other side, ripping and racing, high and low, side to side,  without enough pause to focus on some of the little things that I was able to observe and admire on my initial ride up.

They are those kinds of speeds that are exhausting, but invigorating.  They leave us wishful for a break, but yet make us feel like we are finally in our element…we are finally feeling alive. 

So, maybe my negligence on this blog has actually been a sign of its own?

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