Birthday Celebrations in Chile

With the US Summer (so, the Chile Winter), comes our June, July & August of Birthday Celebrating!

It was absolutely wonderful being able to be in the United States during Ellie’s 2nd Birthday having the opportunity to celebrate all of the ninos birthdays with friends and family.      349 326

Ellie:  It is mind-boggling to me how much you have grown in the last year.  Perhaps it is because you are my baby, and so a part of me expects and assumes that you will always be a baby.  Alas, I must throw in the towel and admit it, you have climbed your way out of babyhood and entered the fast-paced, high-energy roll of a “terrible two-er”. But watching you learn multiple things every day, master multiple physical feats constantly…well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  In the last year, you have officially exited your place in the baby carrier and entered the world of running, climbing (up railings, out of cribs, all over every potential corner or platform of a playground, on top of tables….Lord help us!), dancing and playing.  Of course, often times, your dear heart prefers to be holding the hand of one of your siblings while you are on your adventures, for you adore them so. And of course, the feeling is mutual…3 peas in a pod you are.  Your independence is INCREDIBLE. You have NO problem putting your siblings in their place (wagging and saying your piece, which seems VERY serious at times despite the fact we can’t always decipher all the words!), and it is clear that you fully expect that you will keep up with them anywhere and everywhere we go—NOT to be held and restricted to a parental embrace! I pray this confidence lasts your lifetime!

And of course, your “Spanglish” never fails to delight.  “Mas candy,” “I want pan,” “Leche please,”…and so-on, saying the words with your extra-adorable crooked, dimpled grin.  You have assumed a love of all things art and all things play, and will dance, dance and DANCE some more…as long as we’ll let you.  “Gummy Bear!” you plead (for the dancing video to the song of the same name).  “Mas Monkeys!” (a lover of Monkeys on the bed).  You, Ellie, are an ABSOLUTE JOY.  Without fail, each and every night when daddy is here with us, one of us will say, “Look at her! Look at her expression! Look at what she’s doing!” (snap, snap, snap, go the photos).  We cherish every moment, every day with you.  Happy 2nd Birthday my dear angel, we LOVE YOU Ellie Bear!

188 328 422

And of course, Maddie and Greyson were enthused to be able to have TWO birthday parties this year, celebrating in Chile as well.

As I already wrote about the AMAZING party with friends and family in the US-I will just talk about the Chile festivities in this post (-:

Given the fact their birthdays are exactly 2 weeks apart, we decided one joint celebration would do.  They share some mutual friends in the neighborhood, and Maddie has many friends that just adore Greyson.

Maddie had attended birthday parties at a local establishment called “Happy House” in the past, liked it and chose to have the party there this year.

And so last weekend, we celebrated the two birthdays with close to 35 children and a few parents as well.  It was a hit-the kids enjoyed the ball pit, maze, table games, pinata, food and cake, and ultimately the party ended with a dance party and bubbles in the basement.

195 203  229 230  Mbday12 Mbday17 Mbday20  Mbday30

Mbday35 Mbday29 Mbday27 Mbday6  190 186


Two particular highlights of the party were the “Tortazos.”  Tortazo is a Chilean birthday tradition involving the face being introduced to the cake.  So I am told, Greyson’s “tortazo” may have been one of the “most extreme” in Happy House history! ❤  Mbday24 207231210

The kiddos were also able to celebrate their special days individually.

Per requests, Maddie enjoyed a pancake and whipped-creme & sprinkles breakfast (and may have eaten more creme than pancake!), and her favorite pesto pasta dish and cake for dinner, along with a few gifts (-:  Greyson enjoyed what he calls “delicious muffins” for breakfast (egg-free zucchini muffins that he adores) and enchiladas, cake and gifts at night.

Maddie:  I simply do not know where the years are going, dear child.  It seems like only yesterday that I laid on the floor next to your crib until you fell asleep, and stopped myself from correcting your version of “polka dots”….”coka dots.”  I feel as though I’ve blinked and you’ve transformed.  Turning into a beautiful, young girl….a bilingual, energetic ball of light who always has multiple friends (aka play dates), multiple interests (tennis, dance, gymnastics, climbing, hiking, art, violin, swimming, crafts), and a HUGE heart.  You never ignore or reject your siblings.  You play and play with them…all sorts of games.  And if you feel it’s necessary, you are all to0 happy to help them with food, diapers (Ellie), combing hair, dressing, etc.  When you are not doing that, you’re creating some new art project (ex:  dolls) or jewelry pieces to sell in the neighborhood, and if not that, you find items in our house to sell….really anything can be sold, you feel, even if it’s a scrap of fabric (-: You are at the age where you act old around your friends, and we have officially entered the “not cuddling with our parents in front of others stage,” BUT you are the first one to want a snuggle at the end of the day.  ❤  Daddy and I enjoy you TO PIECES….we LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time with you, witnessing your evolving independence and confidence as you enter adolescence, but at the same time holding on to the sweet baby girl that is still there.  We find ourselves often wishing we could freeze this year, this age, but at the same time knowing that it’s going to continue to be amazing watching you grow, and that probably even the best is yet to come.  Thank you for showing us what a true zest, LOVE, for life really is.  For allowing us to experience the magic of the world through your eyes!  WE LOVE you Maddie Mooskie!  Mbday28

Greyson:  I learned the word “amoroso” here in Chile, which essentially means loving. Now, whenever I describe you, that is the word I use….amoroso.  It is so fitting.  You are such a sweet, affectionate, kind child.  I’ve watched you in the last year transform from a child that was barely willing to hold a crayon, and was just getting started on all things active, into a little boy who can now write his name (this week!), color in the lines, draw people, reel in a 10 pound catfish alone, ride a bike with training wheels at the speed of lightening, and keep up with your older sister…piece of cake.  You talk ALL THE TIME, your dear inquisitive mind marveling at the world around you.  And 99% of that talk is about fishing…no question that was in your DNA!  For the last month, you have slept regularly in your fishing vest, made it a point to watch fishing videos on You Tube, and sleep with your lures under your pillow.  And despite the fact your Spanish is still only nominal, after 4 months in 3k (Playgroup) at school, you still are, as we call you, “The Happiest Kid in the World.”  You do not let a thing like language get you down! Everything, and I mean everything, is viewed in the most positive of light.  Everyone is your “bwest fwiend.”  Every food I make is the “most delicious food in the woyld”.  And seriously, (You do say this…) EVERY DAY is the “bwest day EVER”.  NEVER EVER lose that spirit! And thank you for helping us see the beauty in the small things every day-for infecting us with your PURE JOY.  We LOVE you Grey Grey! Mbday3

Another year, another trip around the sun that we will feel eternally blessed for.  There really is no greater gift than the gift of your children.


gift of life



2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations in Chile

  1. Oh, Laura!
    GREAT thinking power
    GREAT expressing power
    GREAT imprinting power
    GRRREAT experiences, etc.
    ‘Twas this very day that Boss & I were stuck on the Leo Frigo bridge with a blown tire on the boat trailer. You’d think we’d be fit to be tied, but NO, we were grinning (from ear to ear) at the party pictures & videos you were texting us. HA!
    All’s well that ends well. 😊

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