My Hero

I wish I could start off with, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned by living abroad…”

But let’s be real.  That would be a misstatement, because the reality of living abroad is you learn multiple things a day, every day.  You experience multiple emotions a day, every day.

Sometimes I think, this must be what being a toddler/kid is like, except for…I have toddlers and kids.

And so….a toddler/kid has to raise toddler kids?  Um kinda? Okay, now this is just getting crazy. 

Anyway, that said, with all my stuff happening on the home front down here, I admittedly sometimes have to pause and reflect— there’s not just stuff happening to me, or in our house, or to our household, down here.  Another very important person in my life is also learning multiple things a day, every day.

Tom has this BIG thing he goes to 5-6 days a week, 15 hours a day, an hour and a half away—his job, his career.

The whole reason we are here to begin with.

My handsome, hardworking and ever-talented husband Tom was given an incredible opportunity when he was offered the position in Chile, a position tasked with overseeing all that goes along with a plant start-up.

I think this man is deserving of a blog mention, no? ❤

Not only that, but he’s doing SO well at it! (advance apologies, but a little wife bragging is about to take place)

Tom is the only on-site American down here, though quite a few visit regularly to assist.  His hands-on and team-centered management style, coupled with his incredibly driven work-ethic, and topped with his bicultural and bilingual abilities, helped generate a solid team and lead the plant to a successful start-up this past January.

The first phase of his career journey here is a success!

He’s even been able to have some fun here and there, having been involved in some memorable and incredible events while “on the job.”

And given that this blog is our adventure journal, I shall share!

First and foremost, it is noteworthy that the Plant welcomed several corporate executives from the United States, and along with the local growers and the Chilean government celebrated the plant opening with a “ribbon cutting” ceremony in April.  The below clip was taken from a local newspaper.

Tom work

Because the plant is in a small pueblito, Lanco, about an hour away from where we live, they make it a point to stay actively involved in the community…assisting with the local library, schools, and other activities that come up.

One program in particular supports children with special needs in the area.  I love this picture, as one particular little cutie developed quite the crush on Tom, setting up camp in his office while the other children were off elsewhere.  They talked about the world, the United States, looked at a map, all sorts of super cool stuff.  In fact, this might rank up there as the number one cool thing ❤

tom work students

American football is obviously not a thing here, but REAL FUTBOL (as Los Chilenos would say) IS!

And sometimes you’ve just got get rid of the stress.

Here’s Tom with some colleagues, both US and Chilean, on the field.

005 009

Tom also received quite the work surprise one day when he learned Michelle Bachelet, the President of Chile, was passing through Lanco.  Result? Tom and his boss where able to sneak over and meet her.  Truly cool.  Though no invite to La Moneda yet, still working on it (-:


Finally, and unfortunately there are no pictures for it, Tom was also able to judge the local VOICE of Lanco…a singing competition amongst the local children.  He was downright awed by how incredible some of them were, and one little girl in particular.  This too ranks right up there in the list of AMAZING things he’s been able to do as a part of his job here.

But it’s not only this stuff everyone.

It’s not only that he has started up a plant.

It’s not only that he has given in the community.

It’s that he has done these incredible things, all while making the kids and I feel like we are his number one priority; all while consistently supporting us (as for a long time he was the only parent that spoke Spanish).  This man has set up and attended doctor appointments, teacher conferences, vehicle maintenance, made household repairs, helped his kids with homework, made dinner, engaged with parent groups….SO MUCH HERE that THAT is why sometimes the amazing things he does at work get overlooked.  

But never overlooked for long.  

We are so grateful for you, proud of you, and love you so much, sweetie!

Thank you for making a move abroad far less stressful (haha) and far more fun!  There is NO ONE I’d rather be on this ride with than you, babe!



One thought on “My Hero

  1. Add us to the long list of people who are SO proud of Tom! It is most obvious to us that his Hard Work has produced quality work. His family is beautifully united & happy- hard work can accomplish anything! Love you all!

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