Foreword:  So sorry, I know I’m busting out the blog posts right now.

What can I say? When a momma has a minute, she uses them!

AND they were SO overdue!!!

So on that note, let’s talk about May 16th. 

The day we welcomed our sweet, crazy lab Chico to the family ❤

We have talked about getting another dog for YEARS.  It seems with every month that passes, there is a notable increase in begging from the minions.

Additional torture has also come in the form of Chilean street dogs, an extremely common fixture on the calles.  There have frankly been many times where we’ve almost wanted to bring one of them home with us.  But common sense would always rear its super logical response (in the form of Tom), and said moment would pass.

Fast forward to May 16th, early afternoon, with Maddie running through the front door shrieking, “Francisca’s dog had puppies! They are a month old! She said we could have one!! Can I? Can I? Can I……PUHleeeeeeeeeeeeeesssseeeeee.

Fortunately for Maddie, this was one of those moments as a parent where I was (a) caught up in what I was doing at the time and wasn’t really thinking the whole thing through; and (b) wrongly assumed that our kid was a little overzealous about the intentions of sweet 5 year old Francisca and her ability to even make such a large decision.

And so I said said with a wave of the hand, “Fine, take a picture of the dogs and bring them back for us to see them.”


I also, in that moment, failed to realize what a professional sales person our sweet Miss Maddie is!

20 minutes later I heard:  (1) A knock at the door; (2) Tom open it; (3) Tom blurt,  “No! No! Take him back! We are NOT having a puppy! Laura, come here! Please explain to her we are not taking this puppy;” and (4) Maddie reply “But they said if I take it I can’t come back with it!”

Ahhhhh, a no return policy in the Chilean barrio apparently.

As I approached the front door, partially in shock and fully prepared to support Tom in his denial of puppy ownership, I stopped short when I saw her…standing at the front door, in the rain, with her hood up and a tiny little face of a lab poking out of her coat.

Before I even thought it through the words flew out of my mouth.

“How do we say NO?! He’s sooooooooooooo cute!”

Well played Maddie, well played.  167

198And Happy Birthday Tom! (LOL!)

But we are so thankful it happened.

I joke that this is Chico realizing what he got himself into at our house.....AYUDAME, SENOR!

I joke that this is Chico realizing what he got himself into at our house…..AYUDAME, SENOR!


And he LOVES daddy-favorite spot

Chico has been a wonderful addition to our family.  The kids honestly wake up early just to see him.  Maddie has been ASTOUNDING (and I don’t use that word lightly) at assuming responsibility for him.  She walks him, feeds him, plays with him, cleans up his yuck, and has now been working at training him.  She too has kept up 189her side of the bargain, and she’s a natural.

I won’t lie.  In the beginning it wasn’t pretty.  We found out a couple of days after we got him that he was pretty severely infested with parasites, thus resulting in our taking of anti-parasites, a quarantine for poor Chico in our bodega for the next 2 weeks, and a level of sanitation in the household that would probably meet Ebola protocols.

Did not take long (like maybe 20 minutes?) for this guy to fall completely in love with the puppers

Did not take long (like maybe 20 minutes?) for this guy to fall completely in love with the puppers

No lie:  We washed bedding daily, changed our clothes every time we went in the bodega, and sanitized the entire house.  It was exhausting. 

During those several days, nothing seemed harder that having to see our sweet puppy, and watch the kids see the little guy, through a window, knowing that he could see us…and there’s nothing we could do.

But it passed, as all things do, and he’s a healthy, INSANELY QUICKLY growing dog now.  The timing was a tad unfortunate, as we had previously planned trips to Easter Island and the US for shortly after his quarantine ended.  However, all went really well (with the help of a neighbor boy and Rosa).  In fact, we were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how much he had grown upon our return; he was no longer the tiny puppy we remembered.

Humorously, Greyson continues to believe that the neighbor boy who was watching him replaced him with a different dog!

To our delight, Rosa also revealed her dog training skills (just add it to her resume).  This dog was potty trained by the time we returned!


Therefore, he is now our sweet house dog, galloping around with the kids, chewing up all their toys and shoes, licking their faces, sleeping in their beds, and settling right in to a place that was clearly waiting for him in our household.


A girl and her dog ❤


Welcome little buddy!  We love you to pieces already, and are so excited to have a little (bigger every day!) part of Chile permanently living under our roof!




PS-Side note.  You should see the looks we get when we say his name is “Chico” here….the functional equivalent of naming a dog “Boy” in the US!  (didn’t think that one through! ha!)

One thought on “Here….CHICO!

  1. Boss & I want all the grandchildren you can give us, but this one sure has a Big nose!😊 Can’t wait to give him a good ear rub-a-dub!😊

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